Monday, December 15, 2008

Powerlifting Workout - The Powerlfting Hybrid Report

Former Frustrated Powerlifter Ask's The Question...

"Has Your Strength & Muscle Development Hit A Plateau? Unconventional Program Supercharges Your Workouts & Smashes Through Your Plateau's..."

Dear Friend,

As a powerlifter I often encounter seemingly unconquerable platueas that stop my strength & muscle development dead in its tracks. For years I would just trudge on through sticking to 'traditional' a powerlifting workout. What soon followed was stuck or decreasing numbers, injuries caused from overuse, and your garden variety depression because my numbers sucked!

So What did you do you ask?

I experimented, alot! I tried every program under the sun HIT, HIIT, Training to Failure, Periodization, Progressive Overload yadda yadda yadda...then in a sheer stroke of luck,

I stumbled across a combination of methods that boosted my progress, recharged my training batteries, and basically got me back in the game.

I no longer 'loathed' going to the gym. Training became exciting again. I was doing different things now yet still had a powerfully effective powerlifting workout and each workout was getting better and better. The beauty part is you can use this program over and over and still get results.

What you'll get:

* The exact powerlifting program I use when conventional training fails.

* Sample workout so you can get started today, no guess work!

* Tool to determine what weights, reps, and sets you should perform for optimal gains.

* List of exercises proven to pack on muscle, build strength, and burn fat.

* And much, much more...

The Powerlifting Hybrid Report is an instantly downloadable report so you can get started immediately. If you are stuck in your training and looking for a solutions to your plateau, then do yourself a favor, hit the order button and get moving towards a stronger, leaner, and more muscular you!

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