Tuesday, January 31, 2006

01/30 ME Bench

2 Board Press 190x5, 225x3, 260x2, 300x1, 340x1, 365x1, 375x2 misses
Weighted Dips 55x3x8
EDT 6 Minute PR Zone
Seated Rows 180lbs 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3
Shrugs 225lbs 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3

Well i had all the intentions of nailing 375 on the 2 Board but i just couldnt get my set up to feel right. I still nailed my previous 365 pr though so at least i didnt lose anything. I still had residual soreness from my pin press the other day and today they finished my root canal so im not sure why i thought i would get it, the cards were definitely not stacked in my favor. Next time i will have no excuses and nail this shit!!! Overall it was a good workout, that EDT shit is killer, you gotta move to get that shit in. I chose 6 minutes because its an optimum time to keep me within Prilepins chart and adhere to the proper Rep range for Strength and Hypertrophy, but man this shit is brutal!!! Gonna raise the weight on the Shrugs this was the faster of the 2 excercises and i had to cut em down to 3 to compesate for the loss of speed on the Seated rows @ set 5. Oh well, this approach has recharged my workouts and allowed me to take longer breaks before ME's and still keep the workout around 45 minutes (including Warm-ups and Set-ups). I personally feel anything more than an hour and the law of diminshing returns kicks in.........oh yeah on 01/29 i did some Mobility/Ab intervals that nobody really wants to hear about so in case you were wondering i wasnt slacking on that day.......the body composition is coming along, my traps are popping up and my waist is shrinking and the weight is still at 200-204lbs so that is a good thing, no muscle loss. The old abs are coming through which hasnt happened in a long time, not a goal but still nice to see, i would like to lift at a lean 198 before jacking it up to the 220 class. At 5'7 im pretty stocky so another 10-15lbs of lbm in the right places should up the old total substantially, i guess time will tell..........now im ranting so i will go now, just a little bored at work........l8r

Saturday, January 28, 2006

01/28 DE Squat/DL

Box Squat w/Bands 190x8x2
Speed DL's 275x8x1
EDT Style for 7 Minute PR Zone
Band Leg Curls Avg band x5x7
Belted Calf Raises 95x5x7

Pretty simple night, nothing to exciting.....no motivation tonight for some friggin reason.......short and sweet, l8r

Friday, January 27, 2006

01/27 DE Bench

Bench Press w/Bands 165x8x3
#9 Pin Press 365x3, 385x3x3, 400x3, 410x3, 435x3
EDT style for 6 minute PR Zone
KB Alternating Rows 85x5x5
BB Shrugs 225x5x5

Tonight was a good night, like i said before all these KB movements have made my shoulders feel incredible, the popping has subsided and overall they just feel stronger. Before they used to feel like they were on the verge of snapping when under heavier loads but not anymore. The Dynamic BP was great, i felt faster than the previous tiime i performed these (pre-tooth incident) and then came the huge accomplishment, the Pin Press. The last time i did these i only got 365 for 5 sets of 3, today i started with that and it just felt light as hell, so i jumped up and did 385 for 3 sets of 3, then 400 for a set of 3, then 410 for a set of 3, and finally i had some ass kickin music come on and said fuck it!!!, im throwin 435 on there and taking it for a ride!!! The shit went up fairly easy for the Triple. Im quite excited as now i have a new PR on that excercise and a new base to develop from on that one. Next up was a new idea i decided to throw in to the mix to help speed things up and give my self a feeling of efficiency. Im sticking to my original outline but am doing the final two accessory movements in EDT fashion which helps to develop speed strength and induce some hypertrophy. Ive had great success with this system in the past when i wanted to develop my arms, i did the Massive Arms EDT program and put one and a half inches on my arms in 12 weeks (15.5 inches to 17 inches on the nose). When you follow this protocol it will kick your ass and deliver results so im quite excited to see how this fits in with the Westside template.
The new antibiotics have kicked in so i feel pretty damned good and i felt it tonight, hopefully when they finish this friggin Root Canal on monday i dont have any backlash, trust me the fingers are crossed......well thats it for now and as always, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

Had to do something!!!

Well i couldnt stand it, i had to do something productive last night so i headed downstairs......took it pretty easy and just did a KB routine i kinda put togetheron the fly, very light weights and lasted around 12 minutes, same weight used for all sets.

45lbs KB
1.) Windmill (bastardized version)-8 reps a side
2.) Inside out swings-8 reps a side
3.) Double Clean and press-8 reps
4.) Double swing through88 reps
5.) Double swing through-8 reps
6.) Double Clean and press-8 reps
7.) Inside out swings-8 reps a side
8.) Windmill (bastardized version)-8 reps a side

I basically went through 4 exercises then worked my way back with exactly 30 seconds rest between sets. I've only been doing KB's for a short time but my shoulders feel incredible, before i used to have some clicking and popping in the girdles but the few weeks ive been doing these it has subsided quite a bit. I took it pretty easy and didnt seem to be bothered by the softball stuck in my friggin cheek so i was happy, now i cant wait to get back on the real weights!!! Its pretty sad that its only been a few days and i feel like its been a month, better than being Couched though!!! thats it for now, later days willie mays!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Out Of Commision....

Been out of comission since Tuesday, Had a root canal on an abcessed tooth and the whole procedure went south. I had to go to the emergency room last night as my eye was almost swollen shut and the painkillers werent touching this shit, so after a few IV drips of some stronger antibiotics and a prescription to vicodin i should be on the road to recovery. As i stated in a response to an earlier post i guess im getting a deload that ive been trying to talk myself into should some good should come of this, we'll see........well that it for now and remember this, if your teeth hurt, go to a friggin Dentist!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

01/22 ME Squat/DL

Suspended Good Mornings 135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3
Reverse Hypers 3x10
Pull Through 100x3x8
Plate Pull 35x3x10

Took it easy, body is a little beat up from the weekend, went to one of my old bands gigs and got thoroughly smashed, dont remember how i got home and damaged my left big toe nail so that suckers gonna come off, and to boot i got a massive tooth ache from an abcessed tooth that i have let go for far too long, am waiting for the friggin dentist to call me as i type. So in reality im just happy i got the work out in, now its time to lick my wounds and lift some heavy ass weight!! short and to the point, l8r

Friday, January 20, 2006

01/20 ME Bench

Band Assisted Bench Press (Avg Band) 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 315x1, 335x1, 365x1, 385x1, 405x1, 415x0 Missed Lockout
Band Assisted Pin Press 315x3x3
Dips KB handle +40lbs 4x6
Seated Rows 140x6, 160x6, 180x2x6
Shrugs 225x3x10

First time doing Band Assisted Benchpress, this rocked!!! cant wait til next time so i can plan the approach better and nailed at least 425. This excercise is gonna help off the chest as well as lockout. The Band Assisted Pin Presses was an on the fly decision, already had it set up and decided to go with it, this was actually quite tough as all leg drive was taken out of the equation, i actually performed the lift with a flat back with the bar slightly pushed into my chest. This will have benefits in time, ive never been able to perform pin presses so im quite excited with this one as well. That about wraps it up as nothing too exciting happen on the remaining excercises, just took it easy on those as i was pretty gassed towards the end, cant wait for spring so i can get the sled out and start dragging again and get my GPP back up!!... so til next time remember this....Dead Men Dont Eat Quiche!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

01/18 DE Squat/DL

Box Squat w/Bands 190x8x3
Speed DL's 250x8x1
Band Leg Curls Avg Bandx3x10
Donkey Raises 80x3x15

Dynamic effort day as stated before is a double edged sword, damned if yo udo em and damned if you dont. Its hard to tell without some sort of measuring device if your doing them fast enough or not but if you dont do them altogether then speed goes out the window. So i basically just trust in the day and do the shit as fast as possible,it probably takes around 1.5 seconds to perform 2 reps so i guess its fast enough. The speed off the box just seems to be an issue. Im no sure if im popping fast enough or not, im doing it as fast as i can but its still weird. I guess the good thing is that the next day (today) i fell my posterior chain so something must have went well!! Anyway im quite sure it was fine, again time will tell. I concentrated on driving my neck into the bar at the reversal and this seem to add quite a bit of pop and acceleration to the movement. Lately ive been trying to concentrate on specific portions of the lift for whatever particular movement and really concentrate on that part for the session. Thus far i have seen improvements so i gueses it works. Thats about it for now, tonight i will be doing some sort of fat burn activity either KB's or the Kick-the-snot-out-of-my-heavy-bag circuit......so until next time......keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

01/17 DE Bench

Bench Press w/Bands 165lbsx8x3
Pin Press 365x5x3
KB Alternating Rows 70x4x6-weight is less handle
KB Side Delt Swings 15x3x8-weight is less handle

This is the beginning of the 2nd half of my revamped 12 week cycle, didnt go too bad. My left shoulder was acting weird, it kind of hurt when not under stress but felt alright while pressing, dunno what to think of it. i may have possibly not been warmed up properly, all ths cold weather made by basement a friggin ice box!! I am looking forward to this next cycle, hoping to add some to the big three and feel i have a good approach so we'll see.
Oh yeah, on 11/16 i did the Fat burning routine with the Heavy-Bag, Speed Bag, Double End Bag, and Treadmill. well this one is kinda short but who cares! l8r

Sunday, January 15, 2006

01/15 ME DL

Decided to try a new PR on DL and here's how it went

135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x2, 350x1, 405x1, 455x1, 500x1 then dropped to 405x2x1

No PR's this day, i got to 455 and started having doubts, i felt gassed, figured i would pull 500 just to make sure i didnt lose anything, that actually went pretty easy but i knew i wouldnt get anything better today. Not my most motivated day either, seemed like a great idea when i was upstairs watching the Steelers whoop up on the Colts, but in application it wasnt. I realistically should have waited until tomorrow to do this and give my CNS a day break between ME's, but alas my ego got the better of me, i think i tried too many ME's too close together. Oh well, in hindsight instead of the 500 i should have went with 525 and called it a day, but again, not too motivated today. Stopped the work out after Deads as i was feeling a bit too fried to get anything out of the remainder of the workout so today i will split the workout and go back later tonight and hit the accessories.
Thats it for now, Fucking Patriots handed the win to the friggin Broncos last night and that absolutely sucks, if those jive turkeys could have cut out the stupid turnovers they would have had em. It also didnt help the Ref's absolutely blew a couple key calls, pays to be the home team i guess. Now i hope the Steelers go into to Denver and whoop ass but i dont think thats really gonna happen, i think the Colts would have whooped the Broncos if they went to Indy but i dont think anybody is gonna beat Denver at home this year, FUCKERS!! There's always next year, and i see the Pats doing it again, too good not to!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

01/14 ME Bench Press

Decided to go full range today and perform regular Bench Presses, hit a PR to boot!!

Bench Press Barx5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 315x1, 335x1PR then dropped back to 300x3x1 to comply with Prilepin.
Dips w/45lbsx4x8
Pull-Ups BWx5 sets to failure
Wide-Grip Shrugs 250x4x6

Last second decision to see where i'm at on Bench. Also figured it would be nice to do ME Bench without worrying about getting pancaked to the bench, this new rack kicks ass!! Its amazing what you can do when you dont have to worry about getting pinned. The PR actually felt pretty good,went up easy, probably could have gotten 345 but i promised myself if i hit 335 (10lb PR) i would drop back to 90% and bang out 3 singles. Next time i go for a PR on this sucker im gonna nail 350lbs. I've kinda gotten away from my plan i had set up but thats mostly due to the new equipment i've got, the plan was devised with my old setup in mind, so i guess it's back to the drawing board. My Dynamic Day plan will stay the same as well as my ME movement schedule, im just gonna reset the assistance moves as i now have KB handles and a whole new selection of assistance moves at my disposal. Also im kinda getting a little more instinctive as far as what i feel i need to hit which makes it difficult to fit to a set schedule of movements. I basically just know which days are ME and DE and thats about it, the assistance movements are made at game time. Kinda makes it fun that way.....Well thats it for today, now i just gotta wait a few hours and hopefully watch my Patriots beat up on the Broncos, this one could go either way.........GO PATS!!!

01/13 KB Day Fat Burn

Very basic, nothing fancy.

KB Swings 45lbs for 10 minutes, i would perform 5 each side and rest 30 seconds then repeat until time expired.
then i just messed around with KB Snatch/Press.
This was just a sort active recuperation for the heavy squat i did the other day, loosened things up and allowed for recovery. That's all folks!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

ME Squat-New Rack

Boy was i wrong!! I figured i would spend my whole night putting together my new Power Rack and then veg out and go to bed, ehhh!!!! Wrong answer!!! well i got the thing together then went upstairs and watched "Making Music with Elmo" with my son, i guess this must have fired me up because i then proceeded downstairs and decided to do some full squatting in my training suit (Inzer Champion-Very loose) with loose knee wraps, that being said here is what transpired:

Squat w/Loose suit, loose knee wraps 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1, 455x1, 500x1, then I ended on 515x1
Suspend Good Mornings (raw) 225lbsx3x8

Went pretty well considering i had no idea until 20 minutes before that i was gonna do this. The volume on the squats fried me, i didnt plan the path to well and i think i took too many singles leading up to the last. I'm still pretty happy as i have dropped weight and Body Fat, down to 202 from around 210 a few weeks ago. Going into the last sets i knew i was porked but pressed on anyway, i was gonna throw on 525 but cheesed out. I'm figuring in another month i will take another max with my comp suit and full on wraps, hoping to get 550lbs. In due time i guess..........Anyway after this whole rig-a-ma-roll i rearranged the rest of my basement and cleaned some shit up (long overdue!!) I can see already that getting a regular style squat rack is gonna add some poundage to my total, now if i can just get my damned bench shirt i can go do a friggin meet!!! Well thats it for now so i will leave you with this piece of sage advice.....When you go heavy wear black underwear, cuz brown and white aint cool!!

01/11 DE Bench Press

Bench Press w/Chains 205lbsx9x3
JM Presses 245lbsx4x6
DB Triceps Ext 45lbsx3x8
Pull-Ups Bodyweight 4x6
Kettlebell Side Raises 25lbsx3x8

Kind of a depressing night, was hurried to get this one done quick and wasnt too sure of what exactly i wanted to do. Lately i've become sick of JM Presses and do not feel they help out much, i feel them more in my chest than triceps, as a matter of fact i dont really feel them in my tri's so i guess its sayonora for that movement. Maybe i'll revisit this one later. I threw in some DB Tri's to feel like i did something with them. I think i may just alternate between pin lockouts and 4 board presses, of course the new rack may give me a plethora of excerises to introduce so we'll see. I will be picking it up tonight since the friggin moving company says they cant get an 18 wheeler down my street and they dont have anything smaller, FUCKERS!!! oh well, the price you pay to be strong i guess. Tonight will be a sort of GPP type night as far as excercising goes, i doubt i will have this sucker assembled in time to do a workout, and to boot i will probably be beat after the assembly as experience dictates, so i guess we'll on that one.
Oh yeah, got my kettlebell handles from new yourk barbell and they are pretty cool, though they have a knurled grip which i am gonna remove, the knurling makes it hard to do a proper snatch, the knurling digs in and screws up the fluidity of the movement so its sayanora for that shit as well. (just felt like using sayanora in a sentence as i dont get that chance very often)
So thats it for now and remember this, confucious say-man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fat Burner

Performed same as 01/07/06, nothing too exciting. Still waiting for my crap to arrive, thats why i hate tracking numbers, they just cause you visual torture while waiting for the shit to arrive!!! damned the mail carriers!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

ME Squat

ME Squat

Quick hip mobility work (2min's) then worked up to starting weight
Manta Ray Box Squats 200x5, 250x3, 280x2, 315x1, 365x1, 400x1 PR, 410 missed!!!
DB Snatch/Db Swing complex- 50lbsx8 complexes in 10 minutes
-all ME work done with belt only after 90% is reached

Kinda scaled back on total volume today as i have been feeling a bit fried as of late, figured i might work this week into a sort of deload week in preparation for my new toys coming, really psyched about the new squat rack. I missed my 410 manta ray attempt because of this, i got off the box then stalled just above parallel (I squat off an 11 inch box by the way) then as im straining i start thinking how it would suck if i passed out while using this current rack and having the weight came crashing down on me, so i saved some energy and dumped the weight onto the second set of j-hooks. This is quite a hairy ordeal when you are totally gassed and trying to think straight. So based on that alone i feel next time i will smoke this weight. This excercise is really frustrating because you would think by placing the bar a few inches higher on your back would cause such a decrease in the poundage, oh well. Next week im on to a new seet of ME excercises for 6 more weeks so the mixing up of things should invoke some more PR's.
On another note the Patriots won so the week is off to a great start already!!! Pats win, new toys, life dont get much better...........til next time keep it dark, keep it heavy!!

Prilepins Chart

After poking around the internet i noticed that Prilepins Chart is pretty friggin hard to find. You would think a chart like this would be readily available and not require tons of fishing to find it. So without further ado, here it is..........Enjoy!!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Did a Fat-Burn routine i came with that utilizes my Treadmill, Heavy-Bag, Speed Bag, and Double-End Striking Bag. The workout is as follows:

2-Minute Warm-Up walk on Treadmill @3.5 mph
1-Minute Max Incline Run @ 7mph
1-Minute Heavy-Bag Striking, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Speed Bag
1-Minute DE Striking Bag, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Max Incline Run @ 7mph
1-Minute Heavy-Bag Striking, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Speed Bag
1-Minute DE Striking Bag, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Max Incline Run @ 7mph
1-Minute Heavy-Bag Striking, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Speed Bag
1-Minute DE Striking Bag, Various Combos and Shit
1-Minute Max Incline Run @ 7mph
2-Minute Cool Down Walk @ 3.5mph

Total Time = Around 20 Minutes, as between each i may take up to 25 second rest to keep this routine a true interval based program. I feel that by switching it up with rest periods my body is in a constant state of adaptation thus maximizing fat caloric expenditure. Thus far it seems to be working and the body hasnt figured out how to adapt, but when it does i've got something for it!!! All this is in attempt to keep my weight down so when i go into a meet i dont have to do a massive weight drop and sacrifice any type of strength or endurance required for a full day of lifting. GPP, Fat Burn, call it what you want...........Back to Football, GO Patriots!!!!!!!!

If a person farts in the woods alone, does it have any smell?

Friday, January 06, 2006

ME Bench

ME Bench Day

Floor Press 155x5, 185x3, 225x2, 250x1, 280x1, 315x1, 330xmissed (not feeling it today), so i dropped to 275x3x2
DB Tricep Ext 45lbsx4x8
Chest Supported Rows 95lbsx3x10
Push Press 185lbsx3x3

Not a bad day, i really cant complain. Missed my PR attempt on the Floor Press which kinda pissed me off, but i soon realized it was mostly psychological. I just wasnt in the Record Breaking mood today. Anyway, the Push Press was a late substitute because i just felt like doing them for some extra shoulder work, though my shoulders were pretty fried from the Floor Press. Like I stated earlier i am in the middle of a 12 week cycle of bands, chains, and straight weight and almost forgot to schedule in a deload, i think my CNS (Central Nervous System) is fried and might benefit from a week of low intensity movements, we'll see. I will gauge this off my ME movements in the next week, if i make PR's i will continue on, if i drastically miss one (not from a psychological stand point) i will consider the deload. Lets hope thats not the case.
On a side note i decided to order a PowerTec Squat Rack. To this point i have been using an angled type slant rack with a lat pulldown. The bad part of this is that there is no safety rails so when you walk the weight out there is nothing there in the case of a bad miss. I've been procrastinating on this for awhile and finally decided to get on with it, if i dont buy it now im gonna buy it later anyway, so fuck it, charge it!! I think this will help my Max Bench go up as now i wont have to expend any energy into the thought of a miss (catastrophic!!) I dont like the thought of getting stapled under 330+ pounds, got pinned under 275 a couple of years ago and my life literally flashed before my eyes, that took me a good 10 minutes of struggling to get out from under, that sucked!! so this should definitely help......so on that note i must retreat to get my son some fruit snacks that he is so desperately begging for, so for now, if you hear a plop but see nothing, fear not, check the TP for trace evidence!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

DE Squat

Tonight was Dynamic Effort Squat,

Box Squat w/Chains 215lbsx8x2
Dimel DL's 225lbsx4x6
One-Legged Squats 40lbsx4x10
BB Calf Raises 245lbsx4x10

Went well, after proper warm-up tight back went away and caused me no problems, been having a problem on De Day with lower back pain a few sets into my workouts, to alleviate this i started focusing on Hip Mobility warm-ups and taking a few extra warm-up reps. Since doing this for the last two weeks the back pain has dramatically subsided, thats a good thing.
On a side note i was all excited to get my Inzer Rage 50 bench shirt today. I ordered a 46 originally but couldnt get into it, so i sent it back requesting a 50 and what do the shit-heads, they send back a size 46, fucking morons!! oh well, this sucks too as i was planning possibly entering the Keene Meet thats coming up at the end of the month, if i dont get at least 3 workouts in the sucker that aint happening, though i guess i could do the bench raw.....oh well guess we'll see.
Ordered some adjustable Kettlebells off New York Barbell as they had a sweet deal on a set, turned out to be cheaper than the version i was designing so it was a no brainer. Im pretty psyched for those, after last nights GPP using a Dumbbells for the KB movement, im pretty sore in places i didnt think of....maybe those crazy russians were onto something....who knows.......well enough for now, until next time wipe three times just to be safe!!!

Last Nights GPP

Well last night was GPP night so I performed a DB Snatch/DB Swing Through complex. First time I’ve done this so I went pretty light, I loaded the DB with 50 lbs and did a Snatch, Swing, Snatch, Swing, Snatch, Swing then switch hands, this would constitute one set, did seven of these in ten minutes and my ass was kicked!!! If you want a good GPP workout and a pretty good Fat-Burn try this. Pavel Tsatsouline is a huge proponent of these sort of kettlebell’ish routines, I can see why. A couple of the guys on Elitefts have started doing kettlebell movements and speak very highly of them so I figured why not. Now I just gotta get some kettlebells so I can perform other complexes for accessory work. I am in the final stages of designing my own Adjustable Kettlebells utilizing piping with those wal-mart-type-cheapo-weights. I have a couple different styles and am deciding which one to go with, also which one will pose the smallest threat of removing a few inches of skin from my shin if contact is made!!! Will post more about that later, gotta love homemade equipment!!! Well that is it for now, got Dynamic Effort Squat w/chains tonight so look out for another update tonight………….until then, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

DE Bench

Today was Dynamic Effort Day, felt pretty good, here's what i did:

Bench Press w/Chains 195x9x3 w 45 seconds rest between sets
Rack Lock-Outs (from sticking point) 315lbsx4x6
Seated Rows 200lbsx4x6
Snatch Grip Upright Row 135lbsx4x6

The speed still seemed to be there considering this is my 2nd week on this 3 week mini-cycle with chains, came up from 185lbs, will end cycle on 205lb, speed permitting.
Dynamic day is always weird as i always second guess myself on just how much force i applied to the bar. I mean yeah, i move it fast, but is it with maximum force? are all neurons and fibers firing simultaneously? guess i will find out at the end of this 12 week cycle, if i get stapled to the bench, it didnt work, if i get stuck at midpoint then i know the speed work was successful and my accessory work needs to be addressed.....but with any luck and a butt load of hard work it really shouldnt be a problem.
Well other than a few psychological issues i had (mind kept drifting off into space about inane crap) dynamic day was good, am looking forwards to going back to the bands though, those suckers build mad speed!!! til next time.....keep it dark, keep it heavy!!

Monday, January 02, 2006


Anybody notice that i look cross-eyed in my profile picture.....cool

Me and my house melting in the background Posted by Picasa

1st post....Greetings from the Darkside

Welcome to my blog, this is a first attempt at one so we'll see how it goes. This will be a representation, among other things, of my experience with the sport of Powerlifting, the one true passion in my life at this point. This is not to say that it will not include many other topics that always seem to permeate my brain such as music (I'm also a Bassplayer), writing, books etc.......so again welcome all!!!