Friday, February 29, 2008

Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Speed Bench 245x9x3
4 Board Press 365x4x8
Pendalay Rows 205x4x8
Kettlebell Crap.....

Dynamic Effort Bench Press was fast as expected. Next week I will split the weight with the first 4 sets at 245 and the second portion at 255 providing the speed is still there.

Followed the speed with another psuedo speed movement, the 4 Board Press at 365lbs. These had the old triceps pumped by the end of them, and yes they were performed fast & controlled much like the Dynamic Effort Bench Press, just for 8 reps.

The rest was what is was, on the Pendalay Rows I went all bodybuilder & shit b y performing them in an Uber-Slow motion to ensure maximal time under tension, before long I will be donning the speedos and tanning my ass crack, lookout!

Ended with kettlebell stuff for shoulders.

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dynamic Effort Squat

Safety Squat Bar Speed Squats 245x8x2
Speed Deadlifts 365x8x1
KB Single Arm Swing Throughs 6x5 per side
Other KB for Abdominals and Obliques

Started a 3 week cycle of Safety Squat Bar for Dynamic Effort Squat day. I will increase the weight next week and check the speed, should be fine, this week's speed was dead nutz on.

Speed Deadlifts were performed with around 60% of an estimated 1 rep max. Speed was good on all reps and form was dialed in, good stuff. The lower back had a pretty good pump following the squatting, so this was exacerbated. Painful in a good way if you know what I mean...

Ended the night with a bunch of kettlebell crap because, well because they're still new and I am having fun with them. Isnt Powerlifting supposed to be fun?

Anyway thats about it from here, take care folks...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Max Effort Bench Press

2 Board Press (80%) 205x5, 245x3, 285x3, 315x3, 335x5x3
KB Extensions 4x6
Static Barbell Rows from Pins 205x4x6
Kettlebell Shoulder & Bicep Triad
Hang Cleans 3x5
Upright Rows 3x5
Hammer Curls 3x5

Though it was Max Effort Bench Press day, I stuck with the 80% range of my 1 rep max and worked to Prilipens Chart. Next week I will hit the 90% range, and the third week I wll PR around 430-440, possibly more if all goes well.

I am totally in love with these MuscleDriver Kettlebells. I always thought kettlbells would be versatile, and these are. I will be writing a review on these in the next couple of days so look out for that one.

So as you can see, since I have received my MuscleDriver Kettlebells my accessory work has revolved around the use of them. I suspect this is due to the "Like a Kid at Christmas" effect. But already I can tell these suckers are gonna help with my shoulder issues. In just the two short weeks I've been messing around with them all shoulder pain is gone, and strength is up, hopefully this will carryover over into a bigger bench, time will tell.

Well enough yackin' about kettlebells and their apparent usefullness, on to Dynamic Effort Squat Day....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Max Effort Bench Press

Long Pause Bench Press 160x5, 195x3, 230x2, 260x2, 290x2, 315x2x2, 330x3x2
Monster Mini & Mini Puchdowns, Lat Pulldown, and Rear Delt Giant Set

Long Pause Bench Presses Suck, I highly recommend them. Ugh...

Keep It Dark Keep It Heavy!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dynamic Effort Squat

Dynamic Effort Box Squat 315x8x2
Lunge Ups
Seated Straight Leg Deadlifts
45lb Plate Trunk Twists

Adhering to my "Higher percentages on Speed Day" theory, I went with 315 for Dynamic Effort Squat. Speed was good and the lower back got pumped nicely with the 30 second rest period. I really need to get mt GPP back.

Lunge Ups (I know gay name but I dont know what else to call them) really sucked. My quads were on fire Watson. Now, if you're wondering, to perform these you need a box and a high ceiling. Put one foot on the box and the other on the floor, like an elevated lunge. Then in one violent motion, Yes violence is necessary!!>:-\, lunge up in the air as high as you can and land on the floor into a deep squat. These suckers will burn and I am sure you will lose track of your reps, I did. It was a bit of a blur.

Seated Straight Leg Deadlifts were nothing more than taking a low cable row position, and performing a Straight Leg Deadlift These sucked ass too, so I highly recommend them.

Trunk Twists were also easy to perform and hit the obliques and stuff. Simply take a 45lb (5lb plate if you're Rick Hussey or Troy Casa), hold it at a 90 Degree angle to the body and do some trunk twists. Now dont get too worried, after your spinal compression from squatting, you will hear some magnificent pops...

Well thats about it from the Powerlifting Etc Laboratories...Enjoy.


Its all about experimentation People!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dynamic Effort Bench Press w/SE Load

Dynamic Effort Bench Press
Speed Bench @ 70% 275x9x3
4 Board Press 365x3x8
Seated D-Handle Rows 140x4x10
Shrugs 315x4x10

In keeping with my before the holidays theory "Speed work with heavier percentages" I decided to start a cycle of Dynamic Effort Bench Press with %70 of assumed 1 rm, (speed dependant), whereby if the speed is of a molasses pace, I lighten the weight, if it is still fast, I will up it.

this night the speed was pretty good, I will probably split the weight next week and go 275x4x3, followed by 285x5x3 and check the speed. 275 was pretty fast, especially in the middle reps when I got a bit more warmed up. The rest was was it was, 4 Board Press was fast and controlled as well, will either up the weight or add another set of 8 on the end, will figure that out next week.

Until next time...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Max Effort Squat

Low Box Squat 260x5, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3, 455x3, 475x3, 505x4
Rack Pulls (Below Kneecaps) 405x3, 455x3, 505x3, 545x3, 600x2
Standing Ab Pull Downs & Pull Throughs

Powerlifting comes to Merrimack. Made a journey to Golds Gym in Merrimack with Troy & Tom for a night of Max Effort Squat with a dash of Heavy Rack Pulls. Not too bad a night, finally felt like I had a bit of my old self back.

The bars there are your typical crappy gym bars that bend with anything over 200lbs on them. When I got to 405 the weights actually started sliding off the bar, so we had to double up the collars to avoid slippage. I dont think I got confidence until I hit 455 where I remembered to push the gut out and stay tight.

The 505 squat was supposed to be a double, but the first two flew so damn fast I had to hit it for 4. Contemplated 5 but knew I was gonna Rack Pull, so I cut it there.

Now, my nifty little powerlifting gym located in my basement only houses 570 pounds (This will soon change), so I figured I better try and see what 600 lbs feels like. Truthfully, not a hell of alot different than 570! Should have seen this bar, bent like nobodies business. These
rack pulls were performed from below the knee caps, and this being the hardest part of the Deadlift for me, I was extremely happy to double 600 after the squatting and rack pull work up.

Closed out the night with some accessory work and shot the shit with Tom about all things powerlifting. All in all, it was nice to get out and lift, plus all the looks made it worthwhile to stroke the old ego...har har.


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Max Effort Bench Press

Max Effort Bench Press
Long Pause Bench Press 160x5, 230x2x3, 260x2, 295x2, 315x5x2
Band Push Down/Press Combo 5x10
Lat Pulldown 140x4x6
Rear DB Delt 3x9

Paused Bench Press was quite brutal, no wonder people like to use bench shirts sooo much!! I would basically bring the bar down slowly & pause for about 2-3 seconds then as fast as I could, press it up. By the 5th set I wasnt so fast. I really concentrated on tightness and form, good shit all around.

Benefits I see coming out of this:

-Raw Bench increase
-Starting Power Increase
-Improved Form (if this is off the bar aint movin!)
-Increased Confidence (still getting this back after the layoff)

The rest was what it was, my endurance is slowly coming back. After a few more Dynamic effort workouts I should be back in the Powerlifting saddle. Until next time...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Still Here....

My work schedule for this month ahs been screwy, Powerlifting Etc will resume its normal posting schedule next week, in the meantime enjoy the other posts!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!