Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deadlift Training - Jim Wendler 531 Deadlift Training 3/11/2010

Deadlift Training (Still No Belt)

Deadlift (Warm-Ups) 205x5, 260x5, 315x3
Deadlift (Work Sets) 390x5, 440x3, 495x8
(No Assistance - Will Flip 500 lbs tire Coupled w/16 lbs Sledgehammer hits Tomorrow)

Good Workout! Nagging middle back muscle issue appears gone, performing Deadlifts without a belt has helped my core strength tremendously in both the Squat & Deadlift... so this is good news.

495lbs flew to rep #6 then 7 & 8 were a bit of a drag, but clean.

This is my sixth cyle of Jim Wendlers 531 Program since switching from straight Westide Training. I am quite happy with my progress thus far...

More updates to come, stay tuned....

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