Monday, January 14, 2008

Powerlifting Belts

Powerlifting Belts

Powerlifting Belts The often overlooked item when starting out in powerlifting. Like alot of people when I started out, I tried to cheese out and get a crappy belt figuring it would "Get Me By". As time passed and I got stronger I realized the importance good powerlifting belts play in the squat, deadlift and any other movement where the spine is loaded.

Well, after getting a few questions regarding where to get a good belt I did a search on amazon found this page: APT Powerlifting Belts

Most anyone in the iron game has heard of APT and their products have got to be the strongest around. I personally love their straps and will be writing up a review in the future. But from what I can tell, their powerlifting belts are top notch.

Do yourself a favor, dont do as I did and buy the cheaper varieties only to find them break, stretch, and basically fall apart forcing me to buy yet another piece of shit. In all I probably spent enough to buy 3 decent quality powerlifting belts. Trust me, this will be the last belt you will ever need.

Check them out: APT Powerlifting Belts

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