Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dynamic Effort Squat

Dynamic Effort Box Squat 315x8x2
Lunge Ups
Seated Straight Leg Deadlifts
45lb Plate Trunk Twists

Adhering to my "Higher percentages on Speed Day" theory, I went with 315 for Dynamic Effort Squat. Speed was good and the lower back got pumped nicely with the 30 second rest period. I really need to get mt GPP back.

Lunge Ups (I know gay name but I dont know what else to call them) really sucked. My quads were on fire Watson. Now, if you're wondering, to perform these you need a box and a high ceiling. Put one foot on the box and the other on the floor, like an elevated lunge. Then in one violent motion, Yes violence is necessary!!>:-\, lunge up in the air as high as you can and land on the floor into a deep squat. These suckers will burn and I am sure you will lose track of your reps, I did. It was a bit of a blur.

Seated Straight Leg Deadlifts were nothing more than taking a low cable row position, and performing a Straight Leg Deadlift These sucked ass too, so I highly recommend them.

Trunk Twists were also easy to perform and hit the obliques and stuff. Simply take a 45lb (5lb plate if you're Rick Hussey or Troy Casa), hold it at a 90 Degree angle to the body and do some trunk twists. Now dont get too worried, after your spinal compression from squatting, you will hear some magnificent pops...

Well thats about it from the Powerlifting Etc Laboratories...Enjoy.


Its all about experimentation People!!!

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