Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dynamic Effort Bench Press w/SE Load

Dynamic Effort Bench Press
Speed Bench @ 70% 275x9x3
4 Board Press 365x3x8
Seated D-Handle Rows 140x4x10
Shrugs 315x4x10

In keeping with my before the holidays theory "Speed work with heavier percentages" I decided to start a cycle of Dynamic Effort Bench Press with %70 of assumed 1 rm, (speed dependant), whereby if the speed is of a molasses pace, I lighten the weight, if it is still fast, I will up it.

this night the speed was pretty good, I will probably split the weight next week and go 275x4x3, followed by 285x5x3 and check the speed. 275 was pretty fast, especially in the middle reps when I got a bit more warmed up. The rest was was it was, 4 Board Press was fast and controlled as well, will either up the weight or add another set of 8 on the end, will figure that out next week.

Until next time...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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