Monday, April 19, 2010

Deadlift Training from 4/15/2010 475lbs for 10 reps (No Belt)

Deadlift (Warm-Ups) 210x5, 265x5, 315x3
Deadlift (Work-Sets) 370x3, 420x3, 475x10
Skipped Accesory Work...

Given my slow recovery from that friggin sinus infection, I was quite happy with this performance. Still performing deadlifts without a belt and loving it. I really felt the abs on the last couple of pulls.

475 for 10 reps is a Personal Record I believe, I don't remember ever pulling this weight for this many reps. That's the cool thing about 531 is you eventually start handling weights for multiple reps that at one point you feared to pull for a double or triple...

Overall I fellt pretty good, the only thing that felt weak towards the end was my quadriceps of all things. Perhaps I will start incorporating some box jumps & leg extensions to address this.

That's all folkd, thanks for stopping by.

Making Savage the Body,



Alberto said...

You're a fucking beast, Chris. LOL.

Jeremy said...

That's a sick workout man, nice job.

Victor said...

Nice work.