Friday, April 09, 2010

Deadlift Workout and My thoughts on past deadlift workouts...

Belated Post...(from 04/05/2010)

Deadlift (No Belt - Warm-Ups) 205x5, 265x6, 315x3
Deadlift (No Belt Work-Sets) 345x5, 390x5, 445x12
No Accessory Work

Been fighting off a head cold, so overall I am quite happy with these results. These high rep deadlift workouts with no belt is really paying off in the upper back mass. It's almost time for XXL shirts...

Random thought on pulling:

So, up until 7 months ago I was a strict Westside junkie. Every week was Max Effort Squat, Max Effort Bench, Dynamic Effort Bench, and Dynamic Effort Squat. I pulled from the floor once every other month or so.

In hindsight I think this was a mistake, as until recently I secretly feared pulling anything over 405 for reps which I believe hindered any sort of mass building effects that heavy pulling can have.

I have pulled 600 lbs in training and other weights over 500 from the floor many times, but every single time there was an element of doubt in my mind.

Doubt caused from the lack of pulling from the floor with any substantial weight.

So now that I have worked up through the 531 progression and routinely pull weights over 400 for multiple reps, I find my confidence in the lift going up as well, which can only lead to good things if you ask me...

Anyway, just a random thought for you.


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