Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Bench Press Workout all things Considered...

(Numbers Based Off 405lbs 1rm/365lbs Training Max)
Bench Press (Warm-Up) 145x5, 185x5, 225x3
Bench Press (Work-Sets) 255x3, 295x3, 330x6,5,4
Assistance Work Consisted of Various Blast Strap Movements Focused on the Shoulder Girdle

My head cold/sinus infection finally caught up with me hence the crappy workout.

Normally I would have expected 330 for 8-10 reps...Not This Day!

No big whoop...will nail it next week I guess.

Also, I think I forgot to post my Squat Workout and Military Press Day. On Squat I just went for the bare minimum of 5 reps ass to grass with like 395 or something. With the sinus infection my face felt like it was gonna blow off.

The Military Press Workout turned out to be like 175 for 12 or something like that, again the sinus infection killed me...

I did perform Deadlift tonight with pretty good results, I will post those tomorrow. Note to everyone, the sinus infection seems to be gone so my face doesn't hurt to touch anymore...good news!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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