Friday, December 14, 2007

12/13/07 Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Sub-Maximal Effort Bench Press
Bench Press 185x5, 225,3, 255x2, 295x1, 325x1, 355x1, 385x1, 325x4x3
Monster Mini & Mini Band Triceps Extensions 3x10
EDT Style
Ano Rows 130x10x5
KB Front Swing 43x10x5

Not too bad for having the flu. I worked up to what was my previous PR on the bench press (Pre shoulder Injury). That was good, thoug breathing through one nostril is not!!! After that quick work up, I dropped it to 325 to get some speed/volume work in, good stuff.

The Monster Mini and Mini Tricep extensions killed my triceps, if there were any chicks around they would have surely been impressed with the guns!!! The EDT killed me as well, however, after performing these my congestion completely drained and loogies were flying around the basement, Flemmy!!

Sorry, I think I got Some On Your Monitor...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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