Monday, December 03, 2007

Max Effort Bench Press

Floor Press 165x5, 205x3, 235x2, 275x2, 305x2, 315x2, 325x2, 335x2
Lying DB Triceps Extensions 55x4x6
Super Sets
DB Lying CSR 55x6x5
DB Shoulder Press 55x6x5

Holy Mackeral it was cold in the basement. Stupid me is in the middle of a Floor Press cycle. Its bad enough I hate floor presses, nuch less perform them off a cold slab. Talk about not being warmed up? Jeez, I think my subconscious is at work secretly sabotaging my efforts...

Anyway, everything felt heavy again. I think alot of this is just psychological. Before every set I am talking to myself saying how much I hate this movement, yadda yadda...why not just do regular bench with feet up (its the same range of motion for me as the bar touches my chest when the triceps hit the ground). Then part of me says to untuck the boys and just lift the friggin weight...I mean really, why do I hate floor pressing so much?

305 felt like a ton, so I went up to 315. No groove at all, felt like a total mess, so why not go to 325? this one was actually kind of nice, so up to 335...a bit slow, but once it started moving from the bottom I was fine. Guess I cant really complain, I never train this movement yet doubled my previously recorded PR. So Chris, quit your bitching.

Cant wait, even though the weather is crap the Patriots play tonight, albeit hopefully better than last week!! so on that note:

Go Patriots!!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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