Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dynamic Effort Squat

Dynamic Effort Squat w/Average Bands 235x4x2, 255x4x2
Speed Block Pulls (Mid-Shin) 405x4x2, 455x4x2
Monster Mini Leg Curls 3x12
Ab Pulldown 10x3x15

Dynamic Effort Squat w/Average Bands was quite fast, hence the moving up to 255. Next week will be 255 for all sets. BTW, these were full range regular squats with a medium stance (my normal stance).

Speed Block Pulls are essentially rack pulls from mid shin (about 3-4 inches below the knee-cap, yes I am short). The 405 sets were explosive, so I moved up to 455 with the same speed, so I wont complain too much. These were kind of a last second throw in, I wanted to see what my speed with weight over 400 felt like, I didnt take note of it last week when I pulled, so I picked this partial movement as an indicator. Remember Kiddies, Powerlifting is all about measuring your indicators to stay on course....Man, I am a boob.

Not sure how many of you are football fans, but the Patriots absolutely sucked ass last night, and still pulled it off. Those bastards need to regroup, refocus, and get back on the ass kicking course they were on. Man I was pissed last night, too bad I dont lift at midnight, Im sure I would have PR'd something.

Thats all from my neck of the powerlifting woods, and my apologies for duffin it on the Q&A, my time has been a bit limited due to my other online ventures. In the new year I will most likely start it back up and maybe change the format a bit around here. Until then, untuck the boys and lift something heavy!!!

I guess this thing would warrant an Ass To Grass Squat, what do you think?

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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