Friday, November 30, 2007

Max Effort Squat

High Box Squat 265x5, 315x3, 375x2, 425x2, 475x2, 505x2x2
Deadlifts 315x3, 405x3, 455x3, 505x3

Skimped on the accessory work tonight and will hit it tomorrow. This session killed me for some reason, the flu has left me with no endurance. But who said Powerlifting was an endurance sport?

Anyway, last week I hit an easy 525 on the High Box Squat and figured this week I would smoke that. Well, at the last second I decided I wanted to get some heavier pulling in too, so I decided to beat last weeks High Box Squat poundage with volume and hit the deads with a bit of volume too...

The 505 High Box Squat Doubles were fast & controlled, I figure this weight to represent the 90% of my 1RM. (Estimated 550-560 1 RM). So sticking to Prilipens chart worked well for this night. Next week will result in either a 1RM or a 2RM, I will Decide then. Currently I have been going with Doubles and Triples with the belief the added volume will develop my strength quicker, seems to be working and until the results say otherwise I will continue on this path. Plus I find doubles and Triples a bit more challenging than Singles...who knows, just got to experiment right?

For the deads I chose to do a simple work up to what I estimate to be 80% of my 1 rm. My last recorded Deadlift 1 rm was at 570 a few months ago, I figure I am beyond that by now and should really test it some time soon. But regardless, the deadlifts were nice, strong and fast considering I was pre-exhausted from the squatting. After these I figured I had performed enough work and opted to push the accessory work out til tomorrow.

Thats all from me, have a great weekend everyone!


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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