Tuesday, July 25, 2006

07/24 ME Bench

Floor Press 265x5x3
DB Tricep Ext 45x4x8
Pull-Ups 4x6
Blast Strap Push-Ups 3x10
Seated DB Powercleans 3x15

For a ME night i took it easy, since i dont have anything coming up too soon i figured i would go with super slow, paused reps with a decent enough weight (80%)to get some work in. These Floor Press were bitches and i hate them, but, i swore i would give them a chance and keep them in for a training cycle to see what happens. Just because i hate an exercise doesnt mean it wont work for me........the rest was Ho-Hum, extremely short breaks on all movements, 30-45 sec's so i was sweating my ass off......Think Rick Hussey doing "Sweatin to the Oldies" by his idol Mr. Richard Simmons...probably lost around 3 lbs in water alone......Well i will be travelling to California later today so my next workout will be on Friday, i get back Thursday but will probably be a bit drunk from the Airport bar where i will spend my long layover.........Woo-Hoo, Three Cheers for Beers!!!!


rawpowerlift said...

Hey -- leave me and Simmons out of this. LOL. Sweating to the oldies is Great GPP I'll tell you. I made Richard use 88lb kettlebells during the last session and he was tossing them around like sweatbands. He is deceivingly strong.

PowerLifter1974 said...

I heard he was a monster with the heavy iron, i also heard he lifts RAW, like with nothing but an afro, crazy shit i tell you...........

Jon said...

I've read somewhere that those lifts you hate should be the ones you do.