Friday, July 06, 2007

07/05/07 ME Bench

2 Board Press 205x5, 245x3, 285x2, 335x1, 375x3x3
Board Press 410x4x5
One Arm Kettle Bell Row 113x12,12,10
D-Handle Rev Grip Curl/OHP 3x10

Whoa, thank god the 4th is done and gone, I had a few beers on wed's and paid for it on thursday. I didnt sleep well and felt like doody until around noon. The only good part is most everybody at work was in the same boat, many were worse off than I was.

I was pleasantly surprised with the 2 Board Pressing considering the lack of energy and most likely the lack of proper nutrients in my muscles. Drinking has a way of doing that to you. The first set of 3x3 on the 2 board press was rough, I dont think I was properly warmed up, but I'll take it...The rest were gravy but i wanted to stick to prilipens chart. Hopefully next week under more optimal conditions I can blast up another PR....

4 Board Press felt better this week...I think I just need to get accustomed to heavier weight in my hands after trying to train around this hokey shoulder of mine. I should have called it a "trick-shoulder" like they did back in the olden days but I dont want to date myself. Did I mention while lifting I sometimes get a "trick O-Ring" that randomly expels noxious fumes? Ugh...back to powerlifting

The Kettle Bell Handle rows were done on elevated blocks to get a good stretch in, by the time I made to rep 12 I was sweating like a pig. Was very happy after these were done.

The D-Handle Reverse Grip Curl to Over head Press was brutal like last week, only I got more reps in and didnt feel like puking, surprisingly.

All said and done, this wasnt a bad workout, I think I sweat out the toxins I inundated my body with the day before, so it wasnt a total wash. If all goes to plan, next weeks should be a good one. You just gotta love this sport of powerlifting....


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