Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07/09/07 ME Squat

High Box Squat w/suit Bottoms 250x5, 300x3, 350x2, 405x1
(Bottoms On) 455x1, 500x3, 525x3, 555x2x2
RDL's 225x4x10
GHR 3x10
Oblique Pulls Downs 3x10

I did not feel like doing this one, thats for damn sure. The day was rainy here and I just felt down in the dumps for some reason. Oh well, cant let that whiny shit come between me and powerlifting right?

The good thing, is all weights felt really light on the back. the probem on the first set of 555's was the whipping. It probably looked like a bird preparing for flight, or least it felt that way. I went down on the box and damn, the weights were bouncing everywhere, weird part is I didnt just plunk down. The bar started whipping from the unrack and really never stopped, oh well...still got it. The 2nd went much better, though I was pretty beat by this point. My original plan was to hit to triples on 555 but just wasnt happening today....next cycle.

The rest was ho hum and there no amount of writing in the world gonna make it exciting, so lets pretend it never happened...

Thats it for today, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!
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