Friday, July 13, 2007

Last Two and a Vid For You....

DE Squat/Deadlift
SSB Speed 250x8x2
Deadlift 455x5x2
Monster Mini Leg Curls 4x12
SSB Calf Raises 245x4x10

Speed was great on the Safety Squat Bar Speed work. I warmed up in a different fashion which I think got the lower back nice and loose. I would squat to the box as in normal fashion, but once there I performed a nice full Seated Good Morning. Did this on all warm up reps and the lower back didnt feel too pumped until mid-way through deadlifts....maybe i'm onto something here.

Decided to do some heavy-ended speed work on the Deadlifts. This represented about 80% of my last 1 rep max. I took this time to really work the form and try to find what works best for me. I found that my second reps tended to be (or at least feel) stronger. So I took note of what was taking place on the 2nd rep. Bear in mind my reps are broken up via complete resets between reps, no bouncing or stretch reflex involved.

I noticed I was tighter, or maybe just better mentally prepared. So the next couple sets I really concentrated on how my body felt on the second rep and applied it to the first. Sounds pretty simple but you would be surprised where your mind wanders when your doing this shit...Voila, My first reps started getting faster and stronger. My body did take an extra second to tighten up before pulling so my energy was optimized. Cool shit I tell you, now I just got to remember this little tidbit in the future....

Maybe Some Day....

ME Bench
2 Board Press 205x5,285x3, 330x2, 375x1, 385x1, 405x1, 415x1
Shirt Work Rage 375x3x1, 385x3x1, 405x1
Shirt Work EHPHD 375x3x1, 385x3x1, 405x1, 415x2x1
KB One Arm Row 110x3x12
D-Handle Reverse Curl/Overhead Press 3x10

Shoulder was acting up so I cut the volume on the 2 board and threw in some form work with the shirts. It is quite evident the Rage is too big, I think i need to look into getting the next size down or possibly a 50 like the EHPHD. Now I like that shirt, seems to give me pretty good pop off the bottom, is easy to put on, and doesnt cut into me nearly as bad as the Rage...

Old Technology rules.....

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Deadlifter said...

I was skimming through some of your posts and realized you might be able to help me out a bit. I am a PL relocating to Merrimack, NH this WED. And I'm having trouble finding a place to train. Ironically, while I'm a Master's AAPF/APF fed lifter, we are utilizing very similar training styles and PRs. I recently went 435-352-468 at the APF Master's Nationals and will be training for the WPC Worlds, to be held in Russia this November. Please feel free to write me at or call my cell 207.974.9333.

Troy Casa
Bangor, ME