Thursday, March 09, 2006

03/09 DE Squat

DE Box Squat w/Chains 205x4x2 225x5x2
Rack Pulls from Knee 315x3, 405x3, 455x3, 475x3, 505x3
Mini Band Leg Curlx3x15

Had a weird night, just couldnt seem to find a groove on the squats, didnt feel like i popped off the box at all, with either weight. One of these days i'll set up the video and find out for sure, just a pain in the ass and always forget. The Rack Pulls were kind of fun, hadnt done these before and was unsure of what i could do. was pretty happy with the end result, next time i will start higher in weight and go up a bit i think, guess that will be dependant on how i feel. I think part of my unsureness on the box squat was i kind of skimped on my dynamic stretching and got a bit of lower back tightness, (maybe its sympathy pains for Rick!!). Next time i will not do that, just wasnt in the mood tonight i guess. Those friggin mini band leg curls were bitches, my hammies felt like cramping on the last set, gotta love that. I am gonna save my abs and obliques for tomorrow with some recuperative KB. All in all it was an alright session considering i wasnt really into it, now i must regroup and hammer the shit out of my chest next time in, that oughta do it!!.....gotta scram for now, l8r....

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