Tuesday, March 28, 2006

03/28 DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Minis 165x4x3 175x4x3
BB Ext w/Chains 95x4x8
Lat Pull Downs 120x4x8
Shrugs 275x4x8

I gotta tell ya, it sucks training with a stomach bug!!! Every rep is a risked Shart!! But seriously considering i got 3 hrs sleep last night due to brown mud puddles streaming from my ass the workout was good, by the end of it my energy was gone so i was glad just to get the benches done with decent speed. The BB Ext with chains is another new one that i really like, this sucker definitely overloads the top range of the movement and makes the triceps burn. I will leave this in for a couple of weeks and see if i get any carryover, at first eval i would say it will. These workouts are the ones that add up and make it all worth it, when you just dont want to train but something inside tells you to get up off your lazy ass and push some weight. It also made easier that this was my psuedo "light" day, had it been ME Day i probably would have held off.
Well i fully mapped out my 12 week approach plan for the DL, now i gotta make one up for the Bench. When i get both finalized i will post them here and let you all comment on it and maybe point out any flaws that i may have overlooked...Thats it for tonight, i gotta go catch up on some sleep......Stay Strong!!!


nhpowerlifter said...

The beginning of your post had me rolling. To funny. Looking forward to seeing the approach plan.

John McDonald said...

Shart! LOL. Oh, man do I know what you mean... ever try squatting or deadlifting when you have diarrhea?

PowerLifter1974 said...

Yeah days like those are what Black fruit of the Looms are for, the old lady is none the wiser!! Unless you have one of those Green movements.....ugh.....