Friday, March 24, 2006

03/23 ME Bench Shirt

Bench Press (Raw ) 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x1
(put on Shirt)335x1, 375x1PR, 385x1PR
DB Bench Press 90x4x8
Chains w/Mini Tricep Ext's 3x12
PT II Will Be Tomorrow

Good night, i figured out i need a spotter to help with the lift offs though. I had the most god aweful time after i unracked the weight at 385 that nothing fired right as the unracking threw me out of my set-up. I was still able to get the lift, but i know i could have gotten more had i been able to stay tight through the whole movement. I am going to enlist my buddy for this in the future in prep for my meet. He also wants to see how much he can max out on so this will get him motivated to get in there. The 335 and 375 were easy as hell. I chopped down the volume as i wanted to squeeze in some DB work so i dont neglect my raw strength. I figure stay strong raw and the shirt will follow....Tomorrow, (actually today) i will complete part II of the workout with Snatch Grip High Pulls to really hit the traps and some KB Rows for the lats. Probably do them for time in a 10 minute PR zone and really fry myself. Thats it for now....keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!


John McDonald said...

Nice benching, Chris. 385 is not too shabby for a 200 pounder...
What type of shirt are you using and how much do you figure that you get out of it?
I always unrack the bar myself (even in competition) so I know exactly what you mean about how it messes with your setup.
Sometimes it can be hard to find a competent spotter though.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks John,
Im using an Inzer Rage currently, i would like to see how far i can take it on this one then move up to the Rage X. last i checked raw i benched 345x1, im pretty sure im higher than that now, i figure at this point i am probably getting around 25-30 lbs out of it, hopefully with more practice that number will go up.