Monday, March 27, 2006

03/26 DE Squat

Box Squat w/Avg Bands 205x4x2, 225x3x1, 185x2x1
Speed DL off 4" Mats 250x8x1
AB Pull Downs 90x3x12
DE Leg Raise BWx3x12

My lower back was all cramped up, this shit sucks!!! Whenever i do Band Squats this happens. Must have something to do with stabilizing muscles, a.k.a Abs which i find very easy to neglect, whence the doubled up ab work. I really gotta put a push on these as i suspect weak abs to be the problem. I cant imagine the low back being weak as i get quite a bit of work on that. Will find out in a few weeks i guess. The rest of the work out was alright, the back cramps went away after lying on the ground for 2 minutes before doing the DL's so at least i know it is muscular in nature...Well thats it for now, next up on the menu....DE Bench..........


nhpowerlifter said...

What sort of resistance do the avg bands add? Now that you've identified abs as a possible weakness, what is the process to bring them up? More volume...frequency...instensity?

PowerLifter1974 said...

The way i have my bands set up provides around 100 lbs at the top and around 30 at the bottom. And as far as the Abs go its just going to be more Ab work with resistance to really strengthen the area. Leg Raises, Ab Pull Downs, Weighted Sit-Ups, and various bridges that really emphasize that area. My core area has always lacked strength as i am like most people and never trained for that, now im paying.....time to fix it i guess.