Saturday, March 11, 2006

03/11 DE Bench

DE Bench w/Bands 165x4x3, 175x4x3
Chain w/Mini Bands Extensionx3x12
KB Rows 85x3x8
Chain Side Raisex3x8
Chain Rev Curlx3x8

Pretty good workout considering i drank a ton last night (my dad is in town). Recovered from the hangover and had a great session. I made up a couple of excercises that i really liked, i adapted an idea from EliteFTS with the Chain Tricep Extensions. I didnt have enough chain weight to stimulate my tri's so i grabbed my mini bands and wrapped em around my back and did the extensions, Fucking Brutal is all i can say. I was so psyched that i did the last two excercises with the D-Handle Chain setup. These were killers as well since the weight was unstable it hit all kinds of stabilizing muscles, i was actually feeling these movements in my abs and low back as i tried to stabilize my body from the movement. Those KB Rows were pretty friggin hard as i was going the 30 second rest between them as well, this workout lasted around 35 minutes. Lately i've been going with the short rest periods which have turned these sessions into some serious Strength Speed sessions. Anyway gotta scram for now as it is time eat, With that i will leave you with this,......If a bear poops in the woods, and he had corn for lunch, will a small, furry, woodland animal come along and eat the kernels of Poo?


nhpowerlifter said...

Haha. You and I both had a similar weekend. To much drinking. I rarely do that stuff anymore, but once in awhile is fine. Hangovers suck. The chain side raises and rev curls sound like fun.

PowerLifter1974 said...

I hear you, i dont do that crap too often but i havent seen my dad in around a year, when i do we usually hang out, play games, eat tons of food and drink beer, usually wreaks havoc on the training.