Thursday, March 30, 2006

03/30 ME Squat

12" Manta Ray Box Squat 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1, 425x1PR
Down Sets 385x2, 385x1
Seated GM's 185x3x5
Pull Throughs 100x4x8
Hanging Leg Raisesx4x8 (Slow)

Well you may have noticed i switched to a 12" box. After Hearing Jim Wendler talk about it on the Index Vid's i analyzed my depth on the 11" box and found it be a good 2" below parallel, which when i though about it would not be as useful as raising it by 1" and upping the poundages. Everyone knows what happens when you handle heavier poundages. I personally think this will have more of a functional carryover as with the 11" box i was extremely slow coming off it and now i am much more explosive. I will start doing all my Box Squats at this new height as i believe the added weight will translate to bigger Squats/DL's. Well thats the theory at least....the 425 probably should have been 435, i erred on the side of caution as i am still in recovery from the stomach bug and didnt want any unscheduled back door deliveries. The downsets were quite brutal as i was mentally out of it by that time, gotta fix that crap!! The Seated GM's were decided at the last second as i wanted to hit the lower back. I opted for a light load and went all the way down and rested the bar on the rack pins for a second before coming up, this made the movement all the more brutal even with that weight. I suppersetted the final two exercises with 30 sec's rest between the s/s, can you say GPP? that got me huffin...time to scram, gotta go put the little rodent to sleep, he's got an interview at a new school tomorrow......'til next time....., keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!

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Stinn said...

Nice weight on the box squats, heavier is always better :D as long as you can keep your form good that is.