Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back from Texas

Havent been around due to a business trip to Texas, while there i had the pleasure of working out at a Bally's for free and rediscovered why i hate commercial gyms. I performed Dynamic Effort Bench press there and got some funny looks and right in the middle of my sets some nimrod asks me for a spot with 275 doing dropsets with the most god aweful form i have ever seen on bench press. I ended up lifting most of the weight for this boob as he would get the weight about 1 inch off chest and totally stall. I had to bite my tongue about offering any advice as i knew he just would not get it, but the guy was nice enough to ask me if i needed a spot with my measely 185 speed weight, i perform around 10 sets as 2 sets into it was when the boob asked for a spot. I performed the DE Bench with full 3 sec stops on the chest and concentrated on really popping the weight to lockout, the next day i really felt them. I also did Power Cleans and Presses which were bitches as Texas was quite hot and there was no chalk, thus the bar was slippery as hell, but i managed. The looks i got when doing those was pretty funny, this placed was filled with 120 lbs guys hitting the Biceps hard with what should be considered the most useless bicep movement of all time, the Concentration Curl. A couple of these guys must have done around 15 sets of these as i had time to do my bench and power cleans and they were still hittin'em hard. Oh well, at least they're in there which is better than most of the population. So any ways thats where i've been and heres what i did down there:

DE Bench 185x10x3
Powerclean and Press 185x6x3 (weight pressed for 3 times each clean)
Chest Supported Rows 135x4x8
Tricep Extensions (Paused at Bottom) 50x4x6

Oh yeah, before i left i had a DE Squat but didnt get around to posting it, but now i'm back i will keep things current..........thats it for now.


nhpowerlifter said...

There are days when I miss the gym , but this is a great reminder of why I left too. Have you been doing DE bench with 3 second stops? What part of TX were you in? Years ago I traveled to Dallas on business, but haven't been since.

PowerLifter1974 said...

I just did the 3 second stops on impulse, maybe it was subconscious from reading mike and johns blogs, i was in San Antonio, i actually went to basic training there years ago, it was nice to visit again but i drank too many Dos Equis and had too many fajitas!!! Man that shit is good!!!