Wednesday, June 07, 2006

06/06 DE Bench

DE Bench w/Chains 185x8x3
3 Board Press 345x5x3
Pull-Ups 4x6
KB Hanging Snatch 38x3x8

Speed bench went well, the 3 Board could have been better but my triceps were still beat from a new movement i did last week on ME day, Seated Triceps Extension's w/Chains. Last week i got 365 on 3 board for 5x3 so i was a little disappointed. No Big whoop as it was only done as an accessory movement. Pull-ups as always were a bitch towards the end and the KB Snatches had me huffing and puffing as well, my traps felt pumped after these and the shoulders were fried as well, good times, good times.....well thats it for now. Nothing too major on the vacation, just too much drinking, not enough fishing, and tons of shitty food, still stayed at 204 with lowered BF so all is good in the world. Upper back bigger, waistline smaller make Chris a happy camper!!! But arent you a powerlifter?


nhpowerlifter said...

That is still a nice 3 board press. I need a vacation sigh...maybe I'll get a bigger upper back and smaller waistline.

Michael said...

Seated tricep extensions with chains, sounds brutal!