Wednesday, June 14, 2006

06/13 DE Bench & Shirt Work

DE Bench 185x8x3
Shirted (Opener Work) 330x3x1 365x1
3 Board Press 365x2x2, 365x2x3
Pull Up 4x6
KB Read Delt Swing 33x3x8

Decided to put the shirt on since the last time it was a total disaster. The 330 was very easy and the technique felt good. I went with a flat footed position per Marc Bartley and concentrated on pushing myself up the bench, seemed to work well and i didnt have to irritate the groin with a wider stance. The 365 went up but my arse did to, gotta fix this soon. Im kinda pissed as the last time i did a Raw bench i got 355 and i sort of struggled with 365 shirted? ugh, i gotta learn this shit or just lift Raw.........


nhpowerlifter said...

You better fix that. I don't want you bombing out because of a technique issue. Just giving you crap. Have you pinged anyone at elitefts for advice on this?

PowerLifter1974 said...

I wont bomb, i figure to take a supereasy opener (330lbs)and 2nd (350-365), then go at it for the 3rd (will decide poundage there). Part of me is unsure if its totally technique or just the shirt.....more time in it should help, i plan on practicing with my opener for 3-4 singles on DE day from here until the meet to get the technique going