Friday, March 21, 2008

605 High Box Squat....PR

Max Effort Squat
High Box Squat w/Champion Suit Bottoms 305x5, 365x3, 425x2, 485x1, 545x1, 575x1PR 605x1PR
(For Reference: In my basement a High Box is set at Parallel, a Low box is around 1-2 inches below...)
Kettlebell Complex(30 seconds rest after one time through)
Figure 8 to Hold 5,5,5,5
Single Arm Swingthrough 5,5,5,5
Ab Wheel 5,5,5,5

Hit a couple PR's in easy fashion tonight. 575 was the first. Until a couple weeks ago I didnt have enough weight to venture into the 600 pound range, and I think subconsciously I use this as crutch to stagnate. Now I have no excuses. So, with plenty of weight available, I thought it was necessary to hit a PR in the high box. Considering that before the x-mas break down I had, I hit 570 for a double RAW, I knew 605 with the Shit suit on wouldnt be a problem. And as expected, it wasnt. I had plenty in the tank and still smoked 605 while having to piss like a race horse, thinking about some work related crap, not having proper tightness, and just basically not being focused. I didnt really feel like lifting today and contemplated taking the night off...but I thought I owed it to myself to at least get 605 in the books.....So there, its done.

I finished up with some Kettlebbell Complex I pulled out of my ass because I didnt feel like doing anything else. Plus, having pulled heavy last week, sticking 605 on my shoulders this week, I figured the old CNS would thank me....Until Next time...


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