Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dynamic Effort Squat

Dynamic Effort Squat Day
Speed Squat 315x8x2
Kettlebell Squat Flip 5x5
Monster Mini Leg Curls & Weighted Incline Sit-Ups...

Speed was nasty-fast today. Next week I will split the weight, 315x4x2 followed by 330x4x2 (Speed willing). If the 330 is considerably slower, I will drop it back...Kettlebell Squat Flips sucked ass, these things seem to hit every systems in the body, and thats with just 5x5 loading...next week I will hit 5x6-8.Well, thats about it from my neck of the powerlifting woods, not much to write about today...

Crazy Fast I Tell You...
Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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