Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Dynamic Effort Bench w/Doubled MonsterMini's 155x9x3
JM Presses 95xDunno How Many, lost count
Pull Up Complex
Wide Grip Palms Away ------\
Narrow Reverse Grip ---------> 10x3 Reps - Read Below
Palms Facing-----------------/
Single Arm KB Upright Row 3x10

Dynamic Effort Bench Press w/Doubled Monster-Mini's were fast, will up the percentage next week. this weight represented around 50% of last known 1 RM minus 30 lbs. Chest was quite sore this morning.
JM Presses were an exercise in frustration, used 95 pounds for a ton of reps trying to get the form right. I have performed the JM Press in the past, however, after watching a video from the man himself, it was determined I had no idea how to perform this tricep killing movement. Also, it was noted that a good many people at Youtube are in the dark as well. I will post a link to this little snippet of JM Blakely providing proper instruction. If performed correctly, the JM Press is a humbling experience. The weight handled is not what you would refer to as a max effort type load, therefore the ego must be checked at the door... Stay Tuned.
The Pull Up complex is something I pulled out of the archives. This approach allows you to get many more reps in than if performed in a traditional set/rep scheme. Here's how it goes, Approach your pull up apparatus, perform one full range, palms away, Wide Grip Pull Up. Reset, & immediately perform 1 full range Reverse Grip Pull Up, reset and immediately perform 1 Palms Facing Pull Up. Rest 20-30 Seconds and repeat a bunch of times...
Reps should be performed with as force as you can exert, be dynamic, be speed!
So now, all you Pull Up challenged souls, have a way to get an effective pull up workout in without the grip, biceps, or smaller muscle groups fatiguing which sort of renders the traditional approach of 3 sets of 10 (that most skinny pricks can get by on....Just kidding all you skinny folks...) useless for anyone with considerable bodyweight. Trust me, the 30 second rest is more than enough to help the supporting cast of muscles recover to explode for each succeeding rep. Enjoy!!
Thats it for today, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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