Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Max Effort Bench

Max Effort Bench Press - 2 Board Press
2 Board Press 205x5, 245x3, 285x2,325x1, 365x1, 405x1, 425x1, 450 Miss, 440x1PR
>> Superset (30 Second Rest Between Sets)<<
Kettlebell Tricep Extensions 4x8
Pendalay Rows 205x4x8
>> Giant Set (30 Second Rest Between Sets) <<
KB Hang Clean 3x7
KB Upright Row 3x7
KB Hammer Curl 3x7

As far as powerlifting workouts go, I guess only the first movement qualifies. The rest was some crazy shit I pulled out of the old Muscle & Fatness days while ogling over Arnold in his skimpy as speedos in a gym full of sweaty men (Now Rick is salivating, Pavlov's dog he is..). What the hell was I thinking back then? If only I had discovered the great sport of powerlifting back in the day, I could probably could have been on the cover of powerlifting USA by Now...Jeez

Anyway, hit 440 on the 2 Board Press for a PR. Attempted 450 and missed due to psychological crap, plus I dont think I should have jumped to 450 from 425, live and learn right? Was going to attempt 450 again as 440 flew up. Apparently all pistons were firing on the 440. Had I achieved the same set up, tightness, and focus on the 450 it would have flown...There's always next time, and besides, I am happy to hit 440 in such easy fashion considering my lack of confidence and motivation in previous 2 months, since this is a psychological game as well, I figured I would build on that.

As preivously stated, the accessory work resembled more of a M&F approach than powerlifting. By the end of this my lungs were killing me, my traps were huge, and I felt like passing out. The shortened rest periods were the cause of this I believe. But in my head, I was training my GPP or General Physical Preparedness. This should really be known as the BMEFAPNCM or Bare Minimum Endurance a Fat Ass Powerlifter Needs to Complete a Meet. Next time you finish your main movement try this. Squash all your remaining accessory work into about a 10-15 minute time span and tell me how your lungs feel....Gawd Napolean!!!

Thats all for now, next up is Dynamic Effort Squat

This was me back in the day...
Who am I kidding, it taken 2 days ago...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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