Wednesday, August 16, 2006

08/15 DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Mini's 145x4x3 155x4x3
Triceps crrrap.....
DB Rows 90x4x8
DeltaPress with Mini's 3x10

Speed bench was fun, i always like pressing against the bands. It gives you a good pump and really makes it feel like your accomplishing something on this much loathed day. Triceps i did a bunch of crap, i watched the Bench Press index to try and "get" the JM Press and basically said fuck it after Jim Wendler said "if you cant get this exercise to feel in the triceps, or you cant make this movement work for you then ditch it and find something you know works, dont waste time learning a movement for the sake of learning it" so thats what i did and ended up doing a million band pushdowns with my average bands. I tried the JM Press with the SSB as well per Paul Childress but me being a stumpy sort of fella my ROM was around 4 inches, just not worth doing.....oh well.....DB Rows are on their 2nd week and im still digging them so they'll stay for another week or two....These DeltaPresses (which im not sure but i think i may have created the name and possibly the movement, if not someone please let me know so i dont walk around with a false sense of pride, whatever) for these suckers i just choked a couple mini bands around my feet and did a side lateral raise and when i got to the top i brought it down into a super deep shoulder press. This compounded movement got a shit load of blood flowing into the shoulder girdle and made it hard for me to take off my tank top post workout to show off my muscle's to the ladies. Very effective movement that i will implement more of......thats it for that night next up will be DE Squat against Mini's......Keep It Dark, Keep It Heavy!!!

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rawpowerlift said...

Cool name DeltaPress is... but clearly a rip-off from Chuck Norris' DeltaForce TotalGym Video. Good work though. You should start sending these to Elitefts for them to document under band exercises etc....