Monday, August 21, 2006

08/21 ME Squat.....De-Load Done

SSB Low Box Squat 115x5, 155x5, 205x3, 245x2, 295x1, 335x4,4,3,3(ugh)
Depth Pull (Conventional) w/Mini's 225x4x3
Wood Chops 30x4x12
SL KB Swing's 33x4x12

Had a bit of a deload to get my ME days back on Mon and Tues. I get too many variables on the weekend to screw up my ME days, especially with football coming up. This was the last week of SSB Low Box squat and i will bring the height up to around 1-2 inchess above parallel for 3 weeks before another deload. The first two sets of 4 were bitches as this bar makes your head feel like it is gonna pop off. I started getting sick to my stomach by the 4th set, good stuff. Cant wait to see the effect after this next mini-cycle. The Depth Pulls were bitches and i was still feeling sickly on these but gutted them out even though i hate conventional pulling, and from 3 inches depth to boot. I guess i am punishing myself for something. Will probably rotate a DL variation in two week shifts for a bit and see what happens. So far i dont feel overtrained so i will keep an eye on that, the intensity isnt too bad so that should keep it in check. Wood Chops and SL KB Swings, whoop-dee doo-doo.....Deload Done, back into it, next up on the plate is ME Bench, be back in the swing of it......l8r

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