Monday, August 28, 2006

08/28 ME Squat

SSB High Box Squat 115x5, 155x5, 245x5, 295x3, 335x3, 400x3x3
3" deficit Sumo DL against Mini's 225x4x4
Ab Pulldown 130x3x8
Pull Throughs 130x3x8

This SSB is a love/hate sort of thing. While i love the fact that it is strengthening my posterior, i hate doing them as they make your head feel like its gonna pop off, very similar to the first time i used a bench shirt. I set the box so it was about 1" above parallel so it was a bit higher than the low box squat variety(3 inches approx), so it was a bit easier but not much. Pretty much the spot in the squat where i am coming out of the hole and tend to lean forward a bit. So this in itself should help to remedy that issue. Next up was the DL's against Mini's, i was huffin by the end of these and reset on each set to try and work the explosion off the floor. The depth really enabled me to get a good stretch in the bottom position. The good thing is the groin didnt hurt at all, the pop from the floor seemed to be a bit better. I guess time will tell when i get a maximal load on the bar. The band tension isnt quite the same, actually a bit harder, so things look promising. The pull downs were a bit sloppy and i plan on dropping the weight a bit next time, form was a bit on the crrap side. Pull Throughs were re-introduced to my hamstrings dismay, i almost forgot about this movement, she'll be on board for the next couple of weeks.
All in all training is going pretty well, i seem to be recovering well from my meet injuries. Also since incorporation of the foam roller my lower back tightness is all but gone, not too bad for a piece of foam and PVC. I am planning on doing a Bench only meet on October 7th here in Manchester in the APF. The author of Rawpowerlift blog is scheduled to participate as well so it will be fun to compete with a fellow blogger. The sweet part is there is a Hooter's attached to the hotel so guess whats going on after? There will be no peaking cycle for this, just gonna do it for fun and gain some more experience. Should be looking to hit another meet in the November time frame either in New Hampshire or Maine. Still deciding, it looks as though i will be jumping ship to the APF from the APA, although there is an annual meet in Keene NH for the APA that i will most likely hit in February. Given my past experience i think i will pass on the Maine APA meet in Novemeber and try another federation on for size. Plus the APF seems to have alot more meets in the local area so that is a bonus.......well thats about it from here, as always, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


Kris said...

Hey, your meet schedule sounds good. If you do a meet in February, you should be in good shape for the virtual one unless they end up overlapping or too close together. Speaking of the SSB, saw one for the first time today at Metal, only someone has chained it to a trap bar. Like I would break it. ;-)

PowerLifter1974 said...

i was thinking that thing too, maybe i can get someone to video my meet (i would have to compete RAW of course)and i can use that, who knows...tell you what, if you can get your hands on that bar for a few sessions i would take advantage...painful, in a good way...

rawpowerlift said...

If we go to this meet on Oct 14, what do you think your attempts will be?

PowerLifter1974 said...

Not sure, i may go 300, 350, then give her hell with like 385, gonna depend how my shirt work far training is going well and with a lift off i wont be expending as much energy, how bout you?

rawpowerlift said...

If I go RAW: 280, 305, 315-320

If I go Shirted, I have no idea. When we train on the 6th, I'll have a better idea.