Friday, September 15, 2006

09/15 SE Bench

SE Bench 95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 225x4x8
Triceps Pushdown 80x4x8
Mini Band shoulder work

Took it fairly easy on the bench press tonight, my right shoulder got aggravated from thinking i was an NFL Quaterback the other day (Idiot!!!) Probably just my rotator cuff acting up from the sudden activity in that ROM...again Idiot!!!On the last set a bit of pain set in so i stopped there, went to triceps and decided my time would be better spent doing some shoulder work with a mini band. I did a bunch of crap for the girdle and didnt keep track of anything, just worked the area fully. I figure i will hit the upper back tomorrow as an accessory day, might throw in some shrugging which doesnt seem to be a ROM that hurts at all. Thank god it doesnt seem to be anything major, but it still pisses me off that my non-lifting life seems to screw with my lifting life, what am i trying to tell myself?......ahhh quit being a pussy and lift big you ass hole......later days willlie mays.......

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Tig5165 said...

take it easy Joe Montana (LOL) I do the same things going out and playing different things and pay for it the next day....keep up the good work