Monday, September 25, 2006

09/23 DE Squat & 09/24 DE Bench

09/23 DE Squat

DE SSB Box Low 205x8x3
Sumo Speed DL's 255x10x1
SSB GM w/Chains 115x3x8

Was short on time for this so i figured i would throw together a bunch of "Money Exercises", yup they worked , the next day my legs, lower back and posterior was shot. This workout took around 35 minutes to complete. There was no messing around, my lower back was pumped beyond belief by the end of it.....

09/24 DE Bench-Not Really

DB Bench Press 20x20, 40x20, 60x4x8
DB Tri Ext 20x10x10
Hammer Curls 20x10x10
DB Bent Rows 20x10x10

Kind of a weird night, i wanted to rest up my shoulder like i should have last week. took it really easy and decided to hit the groups with some volume. For all you math whizzes out there that is 100 reps for all three of the accessory stuff. I suppersetted each with 30-45 sec rest periods....needless to say this approach got a ton of blood into the area's and i had a pump like Arnold (Drummond from Different Strokes).....wasnt too motivated and went down just so i would feel like a complte slug....The DB Press felt good and were done with the biggest possible stretch i could achieve, a hold, then aDynamic press. I am also working on finding a different way to sleep, i normally sleep with my right arm over my head and in the morning my right shoulder hurts, go figure. So i have been trying to fall asleep in a different postions which in the last few days seems to have helped a bit......time will tell.........until next time, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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