Friday, November 10, 2006

11/09 DE Squat/DL

Speed Squats w/Bands 225x9x2
DL Off Platforms (Just Below Knee Level) 405x2, 475x3, 525x3, 545x3

Well i threw a new twist into the mix tonight, the original call was for DE Box Squats with Average Bands, However, i decided to go Free Squat and work on form, depth, etc...This was a good move as it provided me with a chance to work the speed side of things without the box, which i suspect i need. The speed, form, and depth all were good. I really like working with bands as you are forced to generate a alot of force to outrun the bands before they try and topple you. Pain, but good pain. This pain is usually in the form of a wicked lower back pump caused from constantly stabilizing your core and keep from falling forward, and sometimes backward. Anyway, all in all it was fun and different, which nutures interest and motivation.

Onto the next one, Deadlifts from Platforms at 1 inch below knee caps. These new platforms rock!!! They place the bar at the worst possible position for me. Death by design? I'm not sure, i just thought up the idea one day and built the friggin things, a happy mistake i guess. These arent really unlike Rack Pulls but in this case i am able to get the bar lower than if i was in my Squat Rack. I probably should have kept the weight a bit lighter but what the hell, bring on the overtraining, i'll deal with it later....The last set was a bit of a bitch but i "pulled" (Har Har) it out of my ass.

Since i have been lifting in this fashion (pulling more and getting more reps w/90% weights) my upper body thickness has increased and my body weight is up to 218 lbs, getting yoke-i-fied by the day....I have also upped my protein intake since the bench meet and take in around 300 grams a day. I figured out my progress with my BF analyzer the other day. In the last month and a half i have put on 10 lbs, 4 lbs of which were fat. My arm measurement went up to 17.5 inches and my pant legs are pushing the limits of good taste, now i have to wear size 40 waist just to get my legs comfortable, ahh to be short and stubby...Thank god for christmas coming up....I need to overhaul my wardrobe a bit.

Well that is it for now, i must get back to work and help fix some airplanes, just doing my part to keep America flying......ciao!!!

BTW tonight i will finish up with the EDT portion and some light treadmill walking, like you care..........


Jon said...

Chris, are you still thinking of doing the RAW December world meet in Burlington? How about Rick?

PowerLifter1974 said...

I wont be donig this meet, mostly due to the entry fee and lack of comp's in this area in the coming year. I joined the APF and have an APA membership, both these feds are quite active in this reggion so i figured i would go with the bang for the buck factor. There's a couple up here in the beginning of the year that i will hit, probably an APA in Keene NH and an APF in Turner ME as well as the Feb APF Bench Meet here in Manchester....Figured i will take this extra time and make sure my shoulder heals properly and i get the hang of that damned shirt...How about you? r u gonna do it?

Jon said...

Small possibility. But I'll be there with some guys from my gym. As far as a bang for the buck, APA and APF still take the cake in the area. I'm leaning towards doing some AAPF stuff next year. Maybe Iron Asylum in Tribes Hill NY. By all accounts, these are awesome meets.