Thursday, November 02, 2006

11/01 ME Bench-Not Really

Close Grip Bench Press 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5x3
Smith Machine Pin Press 385x4x6
DB Tri Ext 50x3x8
BB Rows 205x4x6
Shrugs 255x3x12

As i am on vacation this week i am relegated to the crappy gym at the resort, i.e no rack, crappy bench, and nada on the spotters tip. But i trudged on and got a decent workout in, shoulder pain aside. The bench press was close grip, if i only had a spotter!!! I could have gone heavier but with no spotter, this was the rep scheme of the day, still good stuff though.

The Smith Machine Pin Presses were gay, i had to stack some mats under the bar to get the height just right, but it worked. I got the most god awful looks after doing this, kind of amusing to have all the gym ratz on their treadmills sweatin to the oldies looking at me like some sort of abomination, ugh....keep on walkin there Q-tip.....

I decided to be extra obnoxious to the soccers moms all in attendance, so i did the BB Rows penadalay style with a nice loud crash on the floor on each paused rep. Good stuff, the personal trainer dude came to look thru the glass to see what all the noise was, just me being a jive turkey.....woo-hoo

I ended on shrugs and through in super light rear and side delt crap between sets with high reps, didnt keep track of them, but got em in none the less. Well, that is all from Lincoln NH, so from the white mountains to you, if a bear poops in the woods, does it make a smell?

I am an idiot for this post.....

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