Friday, February 09, 2007

02/08/07 Bench Meet Opener work

RAW warm up, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 315x1

Shirted 365x1, Opener 405x2x1, 410x3x1CG

2bd Press 275x4x6

LAt Pull Down 120x3x12

Shrugs 255x12, 275x3x12

Light Hammer Curls 30x3x12

Tonight could have gone better, earlier in the week I had a recurrence of the tendonosis fomr squatting. Now usually this doesnt affect my benching but that was not the case tonight. That sucker starting hurtin after like the 3rd opener attempt. I believe it was aggravated fromthe awkard position I was benching in. From whqat Harold told me, and I could feel it, I was touching super low compared to last time, this placed alot of stress on my forearms, elbows, and wrists. Hence the aggravation.

I was also having shirt placement issues, the last set it cut in pretty bad after screwing with the placement, I didnt touch and pushed it back up. I will just go with the normal set-up for me on this shirt, which is an inzer ephdhpephddhdhdp~~~~~~~~~~~!!! Going forward I will plan in more gear work as I definitely slouch in this area, and if I plan on lifting in gear, I better learn how to use it.

Now, I got a bench meet next saturday and figure I should beable to hit all 3 lifts if I hit the ice hard and pop some anti-inflammatories before the warm up, but we'll see. My only goal for this meet is to hit 400 in comp. Considering I hit the 405/410 with no leg drive (slippery floor) and stiff back, this should fall easily.

Until next time....Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


nhlifter said...

You will definitely get 400 at this meet...even if you don't have the shirt quite figured out. See you then.

John McDonald said...

Nice job, Chris... if you hit 410 under such difficult circumstances, then 400 should be yours in competition.
Keep up with the ice and anti-inflammatories and rest and eat well.
Good luck.