Friday, February 23, 2007

02/22/07 DE Squat Day of the Bands

DE Free Squats w/Avg Bands 250x8x2
Saftey Squat Bar Good Mornings to pins 245x3x3
Giant Set-30s Rest Between
Mini Band Leg Curls 5x12
Crunches 5x12
SSB Calf Raises 245x5x12

Out of boredom comes innovation. Decided to ditch the box for speed work in my next mini-cycle for Dynamic Effort day. All I can say is wow, this really hits the lower back in a good way. The bands are trying to pull you forward and break your arch so you must force the issue. The reps were decent on the speed side, I could definitely tell when the bands kicked in as it was like the brakes were put on full blast. Next week I will up the percentage by 5% and check the speed. I also think I may add in some ME Band work in the near future which should provide some benefit if I am correct.

SSB GM's were nothing spectacular, I set the pins at a normal failure point for the squat and would Good Morning the weight to the pins, pause and snap it back up. The Lower back was in Fry Daddy mode so I eased up on this as I have heavy Dead's with Harold on Monday.

This giant set is what I performed last week and is basically an attempt to puss out and avoid the EDT portion. I will perform this scheme one more week before I come up with some new EDT protocol to do....

That is all for ya'all, so until next time, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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