Tuesday, February 13, 2007

02/12/07 SE Squat

High Box Squats w/Chains 135x3, 225x3, 275x5, 330x3, 385x2, 405x1, 475x3x3
SSB Chain Suspended Wide Stance GM's 185x3x12
Crunches, Mini Band Leg Curls, and Calf Raises......light weights high reps, didnt keep track.

Took it fairly easy tonight. It was called out as a ME night, but I opted for an SE night as I am coming down with something and dont want to hammer my CNS worse than it probably already is. Plus I am going over to Harolds house for Deadlifts next monday, and with the Bench Meet this saturday a nice easy training session was called for.

475 felt extremely light on the back, I remember a few months ago this weight felt heavy as balls...This weight was estimated to be around 80% of my best on this movement. Judging from the ease with the reps I could have gotten 6-8 reps in, but that was not the criteria to be met tonight. Still felt pretty productive as I kept the rest periods to around a minute. As per usual the lower back pumped up pretty good by the end. I really need to remember to hit that area with the Icy Hot next time.....

The Good Mornings were painful towards the end of each set. I had the chains set really low, almost knee level which made it hard to get under the SSB. I could really feel the erectors on this one for some reason. This movement is a pain in the ass with light weight for high reps. I hate high rep work to begin with much less this painful sort of shit.

The last stuff was all done to avoid EDT. As previously mentioned I aint feeling too well to begin with so the daunting task of EDT just wasnt going to happen tonight, so I set up a circuit and just did giant supersets with 30 second rest for anywhere between 10-20 reps for each. Friggin rep work!!!

For a lighter session it still felt productive and I dont feel I taxed my CNS so badly as to affect my recovery from this bug......for the rest of the week I will probably not post. I wont be going heavy and the workouts are gonna be with a minimalist approach to enhance recovery.

Now, Good Day Sir!!!

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