Tuesday, February 27, 2007

02/26/07 Deadlift, A Night for PR's

Deadlift 135x5, 225x4, 315x3, 365x1, 400x1, 455x1, 510x1, 555x1PR
Band Leg Curls
Band GM's
Calf Raises

Surprisingly I got my goal of 550 plus a bit for insurance. I spent the weekend helping a buddy remodel his house and spent the better part of saturday bent over painting trim. Needless to say the lower back was not fresh at all, I feared the worst....

At 455 I began to doubt it, at 510 I was almost positive I would miss it, but then something cool happened. Harold hit 460 for about a 20lb PR, now I was inspired. I was not gonna miss a PR on this night.

Now dont get me wrong, this pull sucked to high heaven, and it was slow as all hell to boot. But, I didnt hitch it and I got the lockout. I did not get 555 with quite the authority I was looking for, but all things aside I was quite happy, and quite fried as well in the lower back region...Woo-hoo 600 here I come bitch!!!

The rest of the workout was anti-climactic to say the least, just a bunch of crap with light bands to round out the evening...

Overall I was very happy with the performance of both myself and Harold. Since sticking with a normal routine for an extended period of time, he has achieved great gains. This goes to show any of you non-believers out there that Westside aint just for juicers. If you give it a shot, and actually stick with it, then you will make fast gains as compared to the traditional progressive overload approach and other outdated methods.

Take Home Points

Get a plan,
learn to train yourself,
Lift Heavy Shit,
and of course Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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nhlifter said...

I am glad a little pencil neck like me could inspire you to hit a PR. Usually it's been the other way around. Nice lifting last night.

Squats are up next in March.

Powerlifter1974 said...

It was nice to see you PR this lift, i think alot of it in the past has been psychological, especially when you were at my place lifting, this time you did it right...just approached the bar and didnt over think the lift....great job Harold!!!

Keep it up and 500 will fall very soon!!!