Tuesday, June 12, 2007

06/11/07 ME Squat - Ugh....

High Box Squats w/Chains 245x5, 285x3, 330x2, 385x1, 425x1, 475x2
GM's 155x3x10
Built and Played Around w/Sandbags

Squats did not go as planned, I strained something in my lower back on the right side. But on a good note, i didnt just keep going to further aggravate it!!! The 475 felt light, but on the second rep I tried to adjust myself in mid squat and got out of postion, thus the strain occurred. I was originally projecting 3x3 at 475, oh well.

In light of my Squat issue, I dropped the poundage on Wide Stance SSB GM's and went all the way down to facilitate a bit of stretch into the lower back. Good Stuff I tell you.

So, feeling a bit beat, I went up stairs and built a sandbag for throwing, cleaning, pressing, and whatever else I can imagine to do for GPP Conditioning. I built a 50 lbs sandbag and messed around with it before giving up due to severe back pain.

Here's to a Healthy Back!!!

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Snowdaddy said...

You asked what type of shirt I have? I use a Titan Fury NXG+. It's a bit loose on me but I find that's helping me set up. I also have an Inzer EHPHD but I find it to be very basic and doesn't perform like the Titan does.