Tuesday, June 26, 2007

06/25/07 ME Squat

High Box 205x5, 300x3, 350x2, 405x1, 450x1
Suit Bottoms 505x3, 525x3, 555x3
RDL's 225x3x8
GHR's 3x10
Obliques Pull Down 110x3x10

Was quite happy with tonight given my recent lower back muscle strain. My original plan was to only work up to 505 and do 3x3, but the first set felt way too easy so I kept bumping it up. The limiting factor on these was my breathing. With the tight belt its hard to take in air properly. Overall though, these sets felt very strong. In case any of you were wondering, my high box squats are set at parallel.

RDL's tightened the old back-a-rooni up, these were performed super fast, sort of a dimel deadlift.

I have devised a way to pefrom Glute Ham Raises. I take my bench with the leg curl extension and anchor my feet on it and use average bands choked to the top of my rack for assistance. The assistance gets varied depending on how close I place the bench into the rack or out of it. I will try and get a video up to give some of you an idea...definitely felt the hamstrings after this one.....

Again, pretty happy with tonights efforts. So until next time...Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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