Thursday, June 28, 2007

06/27/07 ME Bench - -2 Board PR

2 Board Press 185x5, 225x3, 255x2, 300x1, 350x3, 375x3, 410x1PR
4 Board Press 410x3x6
One Arm Row 110x3x8
Chain Reverse Curls to Overhead press 3x8
Pretty good night, hit a PR on the 2 Board Press despite not going really heavy on bench in ages (shoulder injury for you newbies). The shoulder was acting up as per usual, at this point it is more of anuisance than performance impairing. It mostly hurts when I unrack the weight and move it forward, then its fairly smooth sailing.

Originally I planned on only working up a 375 for a bunch of singles, but I ended up hitting a triple on that and decided to go for a small PR, Given the recent perfromance, I was unsure, but I got it anyway....Thats always good for confidence.

For the 4 Board Press I left the bar weight at 410 and decided to hit some reps. My shoulder was on fire by the end of these, but I felt they got a good workout with all thing considered. Look for this weight to go up in the future and the reps to drop a bit.

One arm rows were well, one arm rows.....

The chain Reverse curls to overhead press were interesting. I attached D-Handles to the chains and did these, man, these were friggin brutal.. Three times worse than doing them with Dumbbells, those friggin chains are all over the place...3 more weeks with these should be fun...

Well Thats It......wait a minute....


If one develops sauce crack while lifting alone, is it really sauce crack?


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brent said...

thanks chris

i think we log our workouts the same way haha

brent said...

dude i love that quote at the top, "civilize the mind, make savage the body," that's freakin awesome