Saturday, November 03, 2007

11/02/07 Max Effort Squat, Now Scram Flu...

SSB High Box 235x5, 285x3, 335x2, 385x1, 425x2, 465x2, 475x2
SSB Chain Suspended GM's 255x4x6
GHR w/Avg Band 3x8
Wood Choppers 3x8
Thanks to my Ding-Dong boss the whole office is sick. But luckily it wasnt the suspected Strep Throat!!! Anyway, I decided to take advantage of a phenomena of the body whereby your CNS is under duress & trying to overcompensate for the sickness. This condition often times results in stronger than normal attempts, today may have been one of those times...
Safety Squat Bar High Box Squats (High being Parallel, Low being 1-2 inches below) were, slow, sludgy, but stubbornly strong...I really tested my mettle today, and I feel I won. 425 about popped my head off, this congestion has got to go!!!. So I figured if I am going to fail, then I am going to fail on a PR at 465 for 2. Didnt happen there, so onto to 475 for a double, got it, Done. Now granted, I almost passed out, dont really remember racking it, and may have pee'd myself a little bit, but I got it none the less.
The rest was a blur, my head wasnt really into it, though I remember it being abnormally hard...It was kind of like a vision quest I might suppose. That vision being me a sweaty lump of turd at the's that for a vision?
Now would be the normal time to answer a question, but alas, my groggy brain requires a bit of nap time to recover. I feel like hammered poo. Thanks for stopping by, and remember...

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