Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Dynamic Effort Bench Press w/Chains 205x4, 215,5x3
4 Board Press w/Chains 315x5, 365x4x5
Ano Row 120x4x10
KB Single Arm Swing 33x4x8

Speed was great tonight, my 5 year son even said so. He was hanging out with me working out and judging speed. Of course everything I did he said was fast, so I dont really know what to believe. Performing Dynamic Effort Bench Press with the chains set up as I have them is quite brutal. I have them set up so they are fully suspended off the ground at the top, you really have to fight the bar to keep it in the groove. I find this helps when controlling heavier weight.

4 Board Press w/chains were nice and fast as well. Will up the weight next week on these as 365 was a touch too light. Ano rows and KB Single Arm Swing rounded out the night, these also had Jakob giggling like a school girl to watch his big strong daddy swinging around a weight like a wee little boy. All in all, it was kind of fun having the little crumbsnatcher down there and him pretend working out, made the task at hand much more bearable.

Tune in next time for ME Squat where I hope to beat my previous performance of 525x2 on the parallel box RAW baby!!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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