Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Had a bit of an Ab Tear and have been busy, so sorry for the lack of updates here at Powerlifting Etc. But here's the last couple of workouts....

11/24/2007 Max Effort Squat
High Box Squat (Parallel) 235x5, 285x3, 335x2, 385x2, 405x2, 455x2, 500x2 (This may have been a PR), 525x2PR
KB Swingthroughs 73x4x12
Leg Curls 75x3x12

525 for a double was a nice PR considering the Ab muscle tear... The funny thing is I am pretty sure I had alot more in the tank. But with the ab twinging, I held back.....

11/25/2007 Max Effort Bench Press
Floor Press 165x5, 205x3, 235x2, 265x2, 305x2, 315x3x2
Laying DB Tricep Extensions 50x4x6
DB CSR 30x12, 40x10, 50x10, 60x10
DB Shoulder Press 60x3x12

Floor presses sucked ass, my body was/is fighting the flu and I felt weak as hell. Hopefully next week goes better...nuff said....

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy

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