Monday, November 05, 2007

11/05/07 ME Bench Press....Ho-Hum....

2 Board Press 205x5, 245x3, 285x2, 325x2, 365x2, 405x2, 415x1PR, 380x2, 380x4
Bunch of silly crap for triceps, upper back and shoulders...

Well, to say I was not motivated today would be an understatement. I did NOT want to lift, and it showed. Considering I hit 405x3 last week with relative ease, and struggled with a double this week, I knew I was in trouble.

Rather than get down becuase I wouldnt be able to hit a massive PR, I decided to hit a 5 pound PR and then get some volume in. Total volume put me at 9 reps at or above 90%, good to go. Although, after dropping to 380, the reps were fast as all hell, the last set was supposed to be only a double, but for some reason 4 reps popped out of me...oh well.

The rest was just an exercise in absurdity. I wanted to quit after benching, but decided to do a bunch of high rep, low intensity bodybuilding crap...Tricep pushdowns, Monster Mini Laying Face Pulls, Dumbbell Overhead Press. At I least I worked right?

Powerlifting Etc Q&A

Norman from KY asks:

"How do you decide what exercises to do for bench day? How long should I do them for?

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Hello Norman,

Exercise selection will be based on what you have available. I dont really plan out what I'm going to do for Max Effort Bench Press. I will generally pick a movement as I am geting my gym clothes on. But I will generally go with a partial range movement such as 2 Board Press, 3 Board Press, Floor Press and then maybe throw in a slight variant of those ala bands, chains, or both.

From there I will perform this movement for three weeks straight, deload, and move on to another movement. In the past I experimented with 2 week cycles, 1 week cycles, and even 4 week cycles. But for me, 3 week cycles work best, experiment and figure out what works for you. Consistency is key. As with anything in life, or powerlifting, in order to succeed you must be consistent in your efforts so as to achieve your goals. Dont try to throw in as many variations as you can for the sake of it, test each out and record your results. Overtime you will find what works for you.

Thats all folks, did I fail to mention The Patriots Rule?

This is Too Funny!!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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