Thursday, November 01, 2007

10/31/07 Dynamic Bench Press Day - Happy Halloween

Dynamic Effort Bench Press 225x5x3, 235x4x3
Overhead Pin Press (Eye Level) 185x4x6
Seated Rope Pull Down 130x2x8 (Rope Broke)
Lat Pull Down 130x2x8
Monster Mini Extensions

Speed was nice, next week all reps will be perfromed with 235. Overhead Pin Presses sucked ass, that static start shit at the bottom absolutely sucks!!! Oh well, 1 more week of them...

Seated Rope Pull Downs got cut short as the bottom plug ripped of on one side, mid-rep no less. So I finished out with regular old pulldowns, kinda pisses me off, I havent really had that rope accessory that long...oh well. Onto Questions...

Annonymous (Actually I am being too lazy to go see who it was) asks:

"What kind of tempo do you use on Dynamic Effort Bench Press day? Is it a pause on the chest then explode or is it kind of a bouncing motion I have seen in several videos?"

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Personally I swap it up. Some days I will go all reps ballistically, where as other I will go with a full pause on the bottm and concentrate on explosion off the chest. I think this is more of a personal choice and that both approaches work fine. Please Note I also vary my grip, this seems to help keep all variants of the lift in the same ball park speed wise, Or at least it seems to be for me thus far...Below is a sample of my DE Work:

Assuming a 9 Sets of 3 Reps DE Bench Scheme (varying Grips):

Set 1 - Paused Method (Narrow Grip)
Set 2 - Paused Method (Medium Grip)
Set 3 - Paused Method (Competition Grip)
Set 4 - Ballistic Method (Narrow Grip)
Set 5 - Ballistic Method (Medium Grip)
Set 6 - Ballistic Method (Competition Grip)
Set 7 - Paused Method (Narrow Grip)
Set 8 - Paused Method (Medium Grip)
Set 9 - Paused Method (Competition Grip)

Bottom Line, this is something you will have to incorporate & measure. If after time you see results, keep it, if not, continue tweaking until you find the right mix...Success in life as well as Powerlifting requires experimentation and honest assesment of the results to optimize progess. If you try to incorporate something for a few weeks, but dont keep track of any results, how do you know it worked or not?


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